Meriem Bennani, Party on the CAPS, 2018-2019
Zak Kitnick, Interiors, 2018
Timur Si-Qin – New Peace series, 2019
Bruno Gironcoli – Untitled, 2001, (detail), Herberstein, Gironcoli Museum
Chen Chen Chen – Work No. 1883, The Mercy of Not Killing, 2017
Hugh HaydenAmerica, 2018 Sculpted mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) on plywood
Stéphanie SaadéThe second space, 2017, old wooden beam, three brass itineraries, belts, beam
Bianca BondiPosy, 2017, plexiglas, copper, salt, quartz, kangaroo paw, varouis chemical solutions
Thao Nguyen Phan – Voyages de Rhodes, 2014-2017, Watercolor on found books
Lee Kit – A Scene in a Movie, 2017 – Acrylic on plywood, looped video
Kayode Ojo – A Straight Razor in the First Act (Chrome Brown Marble), 2018 – mixed media